Rome (IP) - Inflation and high prices of the livelihood of Italian people took them to the streets to protest.

Iran PressEurope: Inflation and high prices continue to cast a shadow on the livelihood of the Italian people.

The aggravation of the cost of living crisis in Italy has brought the people of this country to the streets once again.

Thousands of Italians protested on Saturday evening in the central streets of Rome, the capital of Italy, declaring that they are unable to afford their living expenses.

A number of demonstrators participated in the demonstration with empty shopping carts and with their young children.

One of the protesters told an Iranpress correspondent in Rome: "We came to the demonstration with supermarket shopping carts to say that people's salaries are not enough to cover living expenses until the end of the month."

While showing the shopping cart, the Italian citizen added: "This empty shopping cart is a symbol of the sharp decline in purchasing power in Italy. People have to choose between buying their necessities or paying for electricity and gas."

Another demonstrator emphasized in an interview with an Iranpress correspondent: This demonstration is a protest against the worsening of poverty in Italy due to the continued increase in inflation and also the cancellation of a large part of basic citizenship rights by the right-wing government.

"Dignity and citizenship rights for all", "Paying meager salaries is enough" and "Subsidies to fight inflation" were among the handwritten notes that the people of the Italian capital carried with them during the protest against the living conditions.


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