The Biden administration is deeply concerned about political developments in Israel after Benjamin Netanyahu fired his most senior minister on Sunday, a White House National Security Council spokesperson said.

Iran PressAmerica: The sacking of the Zionist regime's war minister Yoav Gallant came a day after he broke with the governing coalition and called on Netanyahu to suspend his judicial overhaul legislation, saying the plan had "created an internal rift that poses a clear and immediate threat for the Zionist entity's national security." 

Gallant, a member of Netanyahu's Likud party, was the most senior minister to publicly call for the suspension of the legislation.
He had warned Netanyahu that moving forward with the judicial overhaul could lead to more protests among the Zionist regime army reservists and even inside the regular army. Netanyahu has received similar warnings from the high-ranking officers of the army and the Shin Bet domestic security agency.

"We are deeply concerned by the ongoing developments in Israel, including the potential impact on military readiness raised by Minister Gallant, which further underscores the urgent need for compromise," the White House National Security Council spokesperson said on Sunday.

"As the president recently discussed with ... Netanyahu directly, democratic values have always been, and must remain, a hallmark of the U.S.-Israel relationship," the spokesperson added.

"Democratic societies are strengthened by genuine checks and balances, and fundamental changes should be pursued with the broadest possible base of popular support. We continue to strongly urge Israeli leaders to find a compromise as soon as possible that is based on broad popular support," he said.

The judicial overhaul plan, presented by Netanyahu, has deepened political divisions in the Zionist entity and prompted mass protests, including on Sunday when thousands rallied against the government after Gallant was fired.