Khoy (IP) - Jihadi groups all over Iran continue to rebuild the earthquake affected areas in Khoy , North Western Iran.

Iran PressIran news: During the Nowruz holidays, jihadi groups from all over Iran help the people and executive bodies in the reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken areas of Khoy northwestern Iran in the national headquarters of jihadists format.

The head of Basij Construction of West Azerbaijan said: "Since February of last year, a national camp of jihadists has been established in Khoy, and a large number of jihadist groups from West Azerbaijan province and other provinces of Iran are in this camp to remove debris and rebuild residential units. They have been present in the earthquake affected areas."

IRGC Colonel Heirani added: "109 to 150 jihadists participate in the phases of debris removal and reconstruction of residential units in the earthquake-affected areas."

Heirani continued: "Currently, the debris removal from the earthquake areas assigned to the jihadi groups has been completed and we are in the reconstruction phase, and the jihadi groups are providing the necessary assistance on repairing and rebuilding the residential houses of the victims and those whose lives have been affected by the recent earth quakes."

The West Azerbaijan Bassij Construction official noted: "In the coming days, new groups will join the Jihadi groups to build 100 residential units and "repair houses and create 100 job opportunities in the earthquake-affected areas of Khoy."


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