Tehran (IP)- Europe, which considers Russia a human rights violator, buys oil, and gas from dictator Azerbaijan, the European Parliament's Member said, talking about a report in the parliament about buying gas and oil from Azerbaijan instead of Russia.

Iran PressEurope: "This report on Azerbaijan is a really interesting read. In it, we have alleged war crimes we have torture and mutilation the persecution of political dissidents, lack of women's rights racist hate speech, child labor, and illicit spying on journalists and politicians we have the grotesquely evil trophy park in Baku. We have enforced disappearances desecration of corpses, political repression police brutality, intimidation, death threat, and assassination against the opponents of the Azerbaijani government," Clare Daly added as speaking to the parliament.

Lack of media freedom, violation of human rights not to mention no workers' rights because they don’t have any, continued Clare Daly.

"And after all of that, after all, the squares of this shameless authoritarian go card have been ticked off the EU's oil and gas deal with Azerbaijan is signed in the same breath that we can't do business with authoritarian Russia, we will do it with these valiant defenders of democracy and human rights. If you want to clue about why nobody outside here takes this place seriously. Well, this report is a very good place to start," she highlighted. 


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