Palestine (IP) – Hundreds of Israeli academicians staged demonstrations in occupied Palestine against the regime's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet.

Iran PressMiddle East: Nearly a thousand Israeli academicians called on the German and British ambassadors to not let the regime's PM and his wife into their countries.

Still, calls were issued for massive demonstrations near Ben Gurion Airport in order to prevent Netanyahu and his wife from leaving for Berlin.

The Israeli settlers also were reported to block the routes leading to the Ministries of Finance in the occupied al-Quds in continuation of the protests against Netanyahu.

The protests came as Benjamin Netanyahu will leave Tel Aviv for Berlin on weekend to meet with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

Reforms in the judicial system of the Israeli regime are among the important topics of discussion between the Israeli and German sides. 

The decision made by Netanyahu's cabinet to practice reforms in the judicial system of the Israeli regime has now turned into the axis of political tensions between the ruling party and the opposition group.


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