Baghdad (IP) - The Minister of Economy said: In the fifth meeting of the Iran-Iraq Joint Commission, memorandums were signed in the fields of transportation, trade, electricity, gas, and water, as well as in the fields of banking and financial interactions between the two countries.

Iran PressMiddle East: In his joint presser with the Minister of Trade of Iraq in Baghdad, Ehsan Khandouzi said: "Cultural and economic interactions between Iran and Iraq have been very positive throughout history." 

"After the establishment of Islam in two countries, this positive and forward trend continued. In the contemporary world, security and commonalities in cultural and religious sectors have been effective factors in the development of relations between the two countries," he added. 

"Iran made all its efforts for a unified Iraq and will support it," Khandouzi went on to say.

The Minister of Economy said: The 20% increase in trade between Iran and Iraq in the last eleven months and more than 7 million travelers and pilgrims between the two countries are signs of the further development of economic relations.

According to Shada, Khandouzi emphasized that the neighborhood diplomacy of the current administration and the policy of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. Al-Sudani's government have a lot in common, depending, we hope that the steps that should have been taken in the past will be taken faster and soon.

Iran's Minister of Economy and Finance, arrived in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq on Monday.

Khandouzi has traveled to Iraq to participate in the meeting of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Iraq.

Upon his arrival in Baghdad, Khandouzi was officially welcomed by the Minister of Trade of Iraq.


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