Iran's minister of Information and Communications Technology said on Monday that smart city project will lead to valuable urban achievements.

 Iran news:  Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi in an interview with Iran Press international news agency called the" Smart City" project as the factor which will bring about valuable achievements such as productivity and the improvement of the urban serviceability.

The top Iranian official said that all of these achievements would be possible within a prefect economic model which together will shape the economy of the smart city.

Azari Jahromi explained further that the economy in the next step will pave the ground for growth and progress in the areas of technology, creating job opportunities and finally it will lead to growth of Iran's GDP. 

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Finally, he emphasized that the idea of a smart city invites special model of economy.

Azari Jahrom's words came as the 2nd Smart Tehran Congress started in Milad Tower Conference Hall in the Iranian capital on Monday.

Smart city road map, participation patterns, ecosystem innovation in smart city, intelligent governance and digital development, intelligent sustainability and viability are among topics expected to be discussed in the event, Iran press reported.

The 2nd Smart Tehran Congress 2018 will be wrapped up on December 11.

The Internet of Things (IoT) conference is also underway in Tehran.203/105


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