Tehran (IP) - President Raisi has emphasized that Iran tends to promote good and constructive relations with the world, including Europe, but if a government chooses the path of confrontation under the influence of misleading information of the terrorist and mercenary currents, it would lose.

Iran PressIran news: "The result of false information is the wrong calculations," said Ebrahim Raisi in a telephone conversation initiated by the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Wednesday night, expressing concern over the support of some European countries for terrorist groups.

"Iran tends to resolve disagreements with a cooperative approach, provided that the other party chooses such an approach," Raisi emphasized.

The president stated, "The territory of European countries should not be the source of conspiracy and threat to the interests of the Iranian nation."

For his part, the Belgian Prime Minister emphasized the importance of developing relations and cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the 130-year-old diplomatic relationship between Tehran and Brussels.

De Croo said, "Belgium always pursues the path of dialogue to strengthen its relations with Iran and wants to consider issues with an approach of understanding and cooperation."

The two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation.