Adana (IP) - Exclusive footage of Iran Press News Agency from the earthquake-hit region of Adana, Türkiye, shows the extensive damage and casualties of the tragic incident.

Iran PressAsia: A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria early on Monday, killing hundreds of people as they were sleeping, leveling buildings, and sending tremors that were felt as far as the island of Cyprus, Egypt, and Iraq.

Twenty-four hours after the earthquake in 10 provinces of southern Türkiye, some residents of these areas are still under the rubble, and rescue operations are continuing.

Emphasizing the rapid delivery of aid to the victims of the earthquake with the maximum domestic and international capacity, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: "We cannot estimate how many people will be killed and injured in the earthquake."

The government of Türkiye, which is on level 4 alarm, has canceled all administrative and organizational activities and announced public mourning for a week in the country.

A resident of Adana told Iran Press: "My brother was a teacher and he and his family are here under the rubble. We are trying to pull them out. They say that 200 people are still under the rubble of this building."

Another Turkish citizen says: "Four of our relatives along with two children lived on the third floor of this building and we still don't know about their fate.The vast amount of damages and the ever-increasing statistics of earthquake casualties require the help of the international community, and in the meantime, the Iranian authorities have declared their readiness for any kind of assistance."

Describing the time of the earthquake, a resident of Adana told Iran Press: "My family and I felt the earthquake with fear and trembling. Thank God, nothing happened to us. May God help those who are trapped under the rubble."


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