Tehran(IP)- On the third day of the 41st edition of Iran's Fajr International Film Festival Pardis Mellat Cineplex screened 'The Case Is Open'.

Iran PressIran News:  Being set in Tehran, "The Case Is Open" was directed by Kiyomarth Pourahmad, with Ali Qaimmaqami as its producer.

Pejman Bazghi, Mohammad Reza Ghafari, Nasim Adabi, Hossein Pakdel, Mohammad Matin Sattari, and Yazdan Eidi play roles in the movie.


'The Case Is Open' narrates one of the criminal and news-making cases of the 2000s, in which, a 15-year-old teenage boy committed murder and awaiting the court verdict.

On the third day of the great cultural event, in addition to 'Parvandeh Baz Ast' (The Case Is Open), 'Sarhang Soraya'(Colonel Soraya) and 'Atraloud' (Fragrant) will be screened.

Priority in the international festival will be given to films dealing with topics seeking justice, discouraging oppression, arrogance, global terrorism, violence, and extremism, encouraging Islamic awakening, transcendent lifestyle, family, and human rights, highlighting moral, spiritual, and religious teachings, and fighting discrimination.

The international film festival is scheduled to be underway from February 1 to 11, 2023, in Tehran in two competitive sections and one non-competitive section.

Attending the press brief on 'The Case is Open', the film's producer Ali Ghaem-Maghami said: Parts of the film were written based on a true story.


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