Tehran (IP)- In response to the repetition of the German Prime Minister's interventionist positions towards the Islamic Republic of Iran during his recent visit to Argentina, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the German Chancellor, in a clumsy and biased simulation, once again showed that he has still stood on the wrong side of the history.

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanani stated: "What is rightly indicative of a historical similarity is the rise of modern extremism and ambition in Germany, the result of which is nothing but the promotion of violence and hatred."

Kanani pointed out: "Today, unfortunately, we see that some people with similar behaviors and, of course, doomed to failure, are trying to use the project 'power using human rights' to present a positive image of themselves and even show themselves as a pioneer."

In the end, the spokesman called that the German authorities pay attention to the barbaric crime committed by the Israeli regime a few days ago in Jenin, in the West Bank of Palestine, and addressed them, saying: "You hesitated to say even a word in condemning the brutality of the Israeli regime."


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