Iran's envoy:

Geneva(IP)- Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the Geneva-based UN headquarters while speaking at Disarmament Conference warned that the Zionist regime's atomic program is a serious threat to world peace and security.

Iran PressEurope: Ali Bahraini in his Thursday speech at the conference while elaborating on the prevailing atmosphere in the Mideast region and the world, announced that the evermore dependence of the world powers on nuclear weapons and the increased possibility of their using such weapons of mass destruction is now the top priority of the international community and they must now prioritize the nuclear weapons disarmament.

The Iranian envoy further reiterated that as long as such weapons exist the threat of their usage against mankind, too, exists and it is necessary that the Disarmament Conference will focus on materializing this major global concern.

At the conference, headed by the Egyptian ambassador and attended by the secretary general of the Disarmament Conference, Bahraini emphasized that the few decades' dead-ends on negotiations for nuclear-armed disarmament is because of the lack of the required political will by the countries that own those weapons and their efforts to keep their nuclear arsenals, but the international community needs to break that dead-end.

Iran's ambassador to the Geneva-based UN headquarters said that the idea of establishing the nuclear-weapons-free Middle East was proposed by Iran in the year 1974 at the UN, but the Zionist regime was the only obstacle in the way of establishing such a zone with its nuclear program that is totally outside the supervision of the international community and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and supported by the United States and its western allies, and poses a serious threat against the global peace and security.

Bahraini in the end expressed deep regret over the accusation of Iran's partnership in the Ukraine war, which he said is due to political objectives and baseless accusations by the West.

"Iran's stand on Ukraine crisis was clear as of the very beginning, and it has several times been repeated at various levels," he added.


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