Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson for Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned on Saturday the continued desecration of the Holy Quran in European countries, which happened in Sweden this time.

Iran PressIran News: Nasser Kanani also said: "Unfortunately, some European countries, like in the past, under the false pretext of supporting freedom of speech, let extremist elements go uncontrolled in the path of spreading hatred against Islamic holy things and values, and despite the beautiful slogans of human rights, they institutionalize anti-Islamism and Islamophobia in their societies.

Kanani added: "Repeating the desecration of the holy book of one and a half billion Muslims is a clear example of spreading hatred and promoting violence against all Muslims, and such actions have nothing to do with freedom of speech and opinion."

Kanani emphasized: "The public opinion of the Muslim world expects the Swedish government to prevent the repetition of such anti-Islamic behavior and not to let the perpetrators of hurting the feelings of Muslims go unpunished."


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