Beirut (IP) - Referring to the importance of Iran's foreign minister's visit to Lebanon, Iran's ambassador to Beirut said: Lebanon's situation is of special importance to Iran.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Mojtaba Amani said: "Foreign Minister's visit took place in the framework of consultations between Iran and Lebanon."

Referring to the meetings held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister, and the Speaker of the Parliament, Amani said: "In these meetings, important discussions were held about the developments in the region and the Axis of Resistance."

These discussions are also important for the region, he added.

Referring to Iran's proposal to establish a power plant in Lebanon, Amani stated: "This proposal has a long history that different governments were unable to cooperate due to external pressures."

Even now, the absence of the President is a problem, and the current government does not have all the powers. All of the issues delayed the establishment of the power plant.

On Friday, in a press conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran announced Iran's readiness to cooperate in the field of technology and the construction of a power plant in Lebanon.


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