Aerial images have shown masses of bumper-to-bumper traffic as millions of Americans make their Thanksgiving getaways.

Iran PressAmerica: About 54 million people were reported to be travelling at least 50 miles for the holiday on Thursday, with 49 million making their journey in cars.

According to CNN, officials said it was the highest number of Thanksgiving travellers since 2005, and a 4.8 per cent increase from last year.

Hundreds of thousands of cars were seen travelling through Los Angles – a city notorious for traffic congestion – in aerial pictures from broadcaster KTLA.

Traffic was also heavy in New York and Maryland on Tuesday night as people tried to get a head start with their Thanksgiving travel.

Heavy jams were expected in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago on Wednesday.

Bill Sutherland, a senior vice-president at AAA travel, said the high number of travelers could be linked to families enjoying a prosperous year.

He said: “Consumers have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season: higher wages, more disposable income and rising levels of household wealth."

Thanksgiving is a beloved American Holiday. As the name suggests, on this holiday people are thankful for all the blessings in their lives. 101/202