Tehran (IP) - Iran's president said that the enemies seek to keep the people engaging in unrest and insecurity so that their's problems are not solved.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi made the remarks at the 14th national conference of managers and officials of Khatam al-Anbiya construction headquarters.

Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday that the enemies have launched a hybrid war on Iran to prevent the country from being powerful in the economic field. 

Raisi stressed: "Our Iran must be a strong country, and the economic power is one of the manifestations of a strong Iran; a strong Iran is not possible without a strong economy and infrastructure."

He mentioned the marine economic advancement of some European countries that did not enjoy marine borders as much as Iran: "We possess long coastal areas. Our GDP gained from the sea is 2-3%, while some countries earn more than 50% of their GDP from the sea."

He said that some of the neighboring countries earn as much from the digital economy as Iran did from selling oil, but this was not the case in the country. 

The Control Center of the Khatam Anbiya Construction Headquarters was opened with the aim of real-time monitoring and increasing the progress of projects in a ceremony on Tuesday.


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