Tabriz (IP) – December 7th, 1953, is one of the unforgettable days of contemporary history and the student movement of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: On December 7, 1953 ( 16 Azar in the Persian calendar ), unlike many politicians and intellectuals of the left and right political wings, Muslim students rose against the then-authoritarian government of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Shah) that arose from the coup and the arrogant governments supporting it.

This spontaneous movement went so far that finally, on December 7, 1953, students painted the university's cobblestones with their blood. Since that day, 16 Azar (in the Persian calendar) has been named 'Student Day' in Iran.

On December 7, 1953, upon the arrival of the US' then-Vice President Richard Nixon, the troops of 'Shah' opened fire on the students of Tehran University's Faculty of Engineering, killing and wounding dozens of Students.

Ahmad Ghandchi, Mahdi Shariat-Razavi, and Mostafa Bozorgnia were martyred.

Iran Press reporter, on the occasion of Student Day, attended Tabriz University and asked students' views on the most important issues, such as the role of students in essential developments and their demands.

Students are one of the main pillars of any country

One of the students of Tabriz University, referring to the importance of students for any country, called them one of the main pillars of Iran.

He said: "The main duty of making demands is the responsibility of the students, but unfortunately, in the recent period at the university level, by creating excitement among the students, we have seen inappropriate behavior from some, which is in no way worthy of the position of the students."

Demands must be from the right path

Continuing his remarks, this student criticized the incorrect demands of some students and said: "The way we are witnessing by some students to make demands will not bear fruit in any way, because there is no logical reason behind this trend."

He said: "Hijab is not the students' concern at all; our main problem is the issue of livelihood, which unfortunately has been placed behind the hijab issue through the emotional protest."

The usefulness of students for the country's future

One of the female students of Tabriz University said that if the students are valued, they will be able to focus on their primary task, which is education, and be helpful in the country's future.

Peaceful manner of protests must be observed 

Another male student of Tabriz University talked about how the students protested and said that the protest should be done so that no one gets spiritually or materially harmed; civility must be observed in protest, and the main element of formality is following social rules and norms.

He added that in European countries, if students protest, some rules and regulations are followed spontaneously, and some are imposed.

Students' concern is economic issues

Another male student of Tabriz University underlined that there is no protest regarding the hijab issue and said: "The protest of the students is not about the issue of hijab, but we are protesting about economic issues, because the expenses of the students are very high."

After the death of young Iranian girl Mahsa Amini, 22, who died due to a sudden heart attack in a police center in Tehran on Tuesday, September 13, some protests erupted in some universities.


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