Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced that several terrorist operation teams affiliated with the MKO were dismantled in the country.

Iran PressIran news: Issuing a statement on Tuesday, Iran's intelligence ministry, the terrorist team carried out operations, including firing mortars at administrative, military, and residential centers, creating insecurity and intimidation. 

According to the statement, after tracking and identifying the sabotage teams, a series of coordination operations were carried out in Tehran, Isfahan, and Kurdestan provinces and led to the arrest of 10 terrorist elements connected to the MKO. 

The terrorist cores affiliated with the MKO, the statement said, had also thrown hand-made grenades in public gatherings and carried out mortar attacks in several terrorist operations and were planning even more severe operations against people.

It is besides the weapons and ammo cargoes being seized as they are being injected into Iran in order to be distributed among the rioters who made unrest in the country. 

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From late September, some parts of Iran, including the capital Tehran, witnessed unrest from the beginning of which the footprint of the foreign-backed media was clear. 

The US and some European countries politicians, their media, along with the Persian-language media affiliated to them, namely the London-based BBC Persian and Iran International, stepped in to fuel the riots under the pretext of supporting the rights of the Iranian nation.

Unrest was instigated under the pretext of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died due to a sudden heart attack in a police center in Tehran on Tuesday, September 13. 


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