Italy (IP) - The Italian people gathered in the country on Wednesday evening in support of the Palestinian people prisoned in the Israeli regime's jails.

Iran PressEurope: The people who participated in the gathering, part of whom were Palestinian people living in Italy, showed their protest against the Israeli regime's arbitrary arrest of the Palestinian people. 

They condemned the continuation of the regime's inhumane treatment of the prisoners and those who were arbitrarily detained. 

According to Palestinian social activists, currently, there are 4,700 Palestinian people are in Israeli jails as political prisoners. 

There in the gathering, it was announced that 50 of the arbitrary prisoners who were on hunger strike recently ended their strike.

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The UN again called on the Israeli regime to stop the arbitrary detention of the prisoned Palestinians. 

Since the 1948 invasion, the Israeli regime has been detaining, wounding, and killing the Palestinian people while destroying their homes to construct settlements for the Zionist settlers. 

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