Rome (IP) - In the continuation of the protests from all walks of life against the increase in prices and the high cost of living in Italy, doctors and nurses also joined the protesters.

Iran PressEurope: On Saturday, nearly three thousand healthcare employees in Italy gathered in one of the big squares of Rome, protesting against hiking the prices, with the slogan "If you don't treat it, it won't treat you."

The worker's unions warned the new Italian government that if the salaries of health staff and the health sector's budget are not increased in the annual budget, their protest will be widespread.In the last few years, more than 35 billion euros have been cut from the budget of the public health sector in Italy.

During their protest, the doctors and nurses announced that the shortage of hospital staff, especially the severe shortage of nurses, has caused the reduction of services to patients and even the closure of dozens of medical centers in Italy.


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