Iran's secretary of Foreign policy strategic Council in meeting with UN special envoy for Syrian and Afghan affairs Akhzar Ebrahimi on Sunday called US responsible for insecurity in Afghanistan's.

Europe: According to an Iran press report, Iran's secretary of Foreign Policy Strategic Council Kamal Kharrazi who is at the moment in the French capital of Paris has met UN special envoy for Syrian and Afghan affairs Akhzar Ebrahimi upon his in the Iranian Embassy. The meeting was held at Akhzar Ebrahimi's request.

The two sides talked about the latest developments in Afghanistan as well as the existing crises in the West Asia.

Enjoying the membership of the Elders who are an independent group of global leaders working together for peace and human rights, Akhzar Ebrahimi said that the members of The ELDERS are worried about the latest development in the Middle East with the Palestinian case to be forgotten.

Referring to the fact that Afghanistan problems turned out to be more complicated, Kharazi went on to stresses that US 17-year - presence in Afghanistan has added to Afghan security problems.

He continued to say that Us also is responsible for creating more problems for Afghanistan through giving further political space for ISIL.

Reacting to Akhzar Ebrahimi's concerns upon existing rifts among Shiites and Sunnis, while stressing the acts to fill the gap between them, Iran's secretary of Foreign Policy Strategic Council  said that "Iraqis have had passed through hard time and unfortunately some of the Arab Gulf states, have played great role on forming and buttressing terrorist outfits in Iraq and Syria which in turn has led to gap among the Iraqi nation."

"However, due to Iraqi Islamic Authorities and Iraqi officials the two sects has had more close ties with each others", concluded Kharazi. 203/103

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