Rome(IP)- As the economic situation got worse in Italy, a large demonstration was held with the presence of workers and other people from different walks of life.

Iran PressEurope: Thousands of Italians demonstrated on Saturday evening in the central streets of Rome, the capital of Italy, for job security and social justice and to protest against the rise in living costs and the unprecedented increase in the price of fuel and electricity, and gas bills.

The demonstration was held at the invitation of the most prominent Italian labor union known as The Italian General Confederation of Labour "CGIL" and on the anniversary of the attack of a group of neo-fascists on the headquarters of this union in Rome.

Some participants in the demonstration protested against the lack of job security and low salaries, significantly the threefold increase in the cost of electricity and gas in Italy.

The Italian protesters emphasized that they could no longer support their lives, especially paying their electricity and gas bills.

Currently, the economic situation in most of the EU member states has worsened due to the influence of the countries' support for Ukraine in the war with Russia, and the people of Europe are struggling with the high cost of energy these days.


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