Iran (IP) – The Deputy Head of Iran's Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) reported about the Indian official's trip to Iran to finalize the agreement reached on the Chabahar Port, southeastern Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a press conference, Jalil Eslami announced the visit of an Indian delegation to Tehran within the next two weeks aiming at resolving and finalizing a mutual agreement on the Chabahar port.

He stated that so far, 25% of the tripartite agreement with India has been implemented in Chabahar port.

Jalil Eslami noted that the performance of Chabahar port has more than doubled in the last two years and the trade at this port has increased.

"In the implementation of the cooperation agreement between Iran and India, the supply of equipment, including the supply of six large cranes and their arrival at Shahid Beheshti port in Chabahar, has been carried out," he said.

The PMO official added that there is no problem with installing and operationalizing the equipment, and it was only conditioned on the operationalization of the long-term contract with the Indians.

"In recent months, the testing of these equipment has been done, and following negotiations with India, using these equipment is outside the clause of the long-term contract and it is possible to use them," he highlighted.

"We are negotiating with India to cooperate in the supply of equipment through the Chabahar Agreement," he said.

"The contract with the Indians has not been officially implemented; but it is not like that the work has not been done; at the same time, in the short-term cooperation, the presence of the Indian company in Chabahar happened, about 25% of this contract was completed, in addition to the fact that the Indian operator was directly present in Chabahar port for two periods of 18 months," Eslami explained.

He went on to say: "With the new approach of the 13th administration [under President Raisi] in order to maintain and develop Iran-India cooperation, the meeting to finalize the contract with India will be held in Tehran soon."

"Recently, the issues of the contract were discussed in joint meetings and in the next two weeks, officials from India will come to Tehran to finalize and settle the Chabahar agreement," he further explained.

As Eslami says, Iran has conveyed its opinions to India in the field of traffic volume and the commitment of both sides.

"There are different stages for the development of Chabahar and at the same time there is no restriction on investment negotiations for the entry of other countries in line with the realization of the Chabahar development plan; Iran uses every capacity to develop Chabahar and we will not hesitate in that regard," he concluded.


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