At least four people were killed and several kidnapped in ISIS savage attack to a police station in Libya.

Iran Press/ Africa: According to the local authorities, after entering a police station in Jufra district in central Libya, ISIS militants have brutally murdered four people - including the son of a local official, the Municipal Council of the Jufra district said.

ISIS terrorists kidnapped a significant amount of young men, the council representative told news website, Sputnik.

Four people were killed and scores more kidnapped after the brutal ISIS attack 

The militants also forcibly took employees from the police station after attacking them.

Following the defeat of ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria, the group has intensified its activities in Libya.

This group frequently carrying out attacks on Libya’s oil and infrastructure.

Libya has been in a state of crisis since the overthrowing of its former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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Since Gaddafi was toppled, a power vacuum in Libya has led to turmoil as warring factions scramble to gain control.

The eastern part of the country is governed by a Libyan National Army-backed parliament located in Torbuk.

The UN-backed Government of National Accord stationed in Tripoli - headed by Prime Minister Faye Sarraj - controls the nation’s west. 101/207

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ISIS militants have bruttaly murdered four people in central Libya
<em>Four people were killed and scores more kidnapped after the brutal ISIS attack</em>