Tehran (IP) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman lambasted the statement issued after the 158th meeting of foreign ministers of the Arab League and the Quartet Committee.

Iran PressIran News: Issuing a statement on Thursday, Nasser Kanani said: "Such statements show the lack of proper understanding of some of those countries of the course of developments in the region and ignoring the realities of the West Asian region."

"These countries are advised to focus on the crimes committed by the Israeli regime against the oppressed people of Palestine instead of reiterating repetitive and worthless accusations," he added.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson also called it contradictory to issue these types of statements in the meantime as some of these countries were improving their relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and reiterated Iran's permanent stance in inviting its neighbors to dialogue and resolve misunderstandings through diplomatic channels.

Referring to the three Iranian islands of Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf, Kanani called all Iran's actions within the framework of exercising sovereignty over the Islamic Republic's territorial integrity and condemned the interference of others in this regard.

The Iranian official further mentioned the complete control and capability of the Iranian armed forces in guarding the safety of navigation in the Persian Gulf region and being vigilant against any maritime acts of mischief and insecurity and underlined that the countries of the region must maintain the security of the region without foreign interference.

The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) and Arab Quartet Committee had recently reiterated the UAE's claim on the three Iranian islands as alleged Iran's interference in Yemen and called for participation in the nuclear negotiations and the inclusion of Iran's missile program in those talks.


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