Tehran (IP) - In response to the recent Zionist atrocities against the Palestinians, a group of distinguished professors and intellectuals have written a spontaneous letter of protest to the UN Secretary-General calling for an end to war and human rights abuses.

Iran PressIran news: One hundred and sixty Iranian university professors have signed a letter to UN Secretary-General Anthony Guterres condemning the perpetrators of the massacre of the Palestinian people, especially women, children, and students, which is a case of genocide and war crimes.

"In these attacks, a number of Palestinian women, children, high school, and university students have been martyred in large-scale attacks n Gaza with the most advanced weapons of the Zionist regime. Since these actions are examples of genocide and war crimes, the universities of the Islamic Republic of Iran expect you to prevent the recurrence of this crime in accordance with the inherent goals and tasks of the United Nations while introducing and referring the perpetrators of this crime to the International Criminal Court in The Hague using the mechanisms of the United Nations and the Human Rights Council," the letter said.

Two hundred and 48 Palestinians, including 69 children, 39 women, and 17 older people, were martyred, and 1,948 people were wounded in the brutal attacks and aggressions of the occupying Zionist forces on the Gaza Strip that began on Monday, May 10.