Tehran (IP) - The Interior Minister stressed on Monday that for the progress of the country, there should be no interaction with the United States.

Iran PressIran news: The Interior Minister stressed: "If we want the country's progress, we should not have any interaction with the United States, and the progress today should be based on science and knowledge."

On this basis, Ahmad Vahidi pointed out that the path of progress must be effective and integrated.

Vahidi said: "Anyone who does not have a clear border with the United States is not looking for Iran's progress."

He noted: "People are not an apparent, temporary, and slogan tool for us. In the Islamic Republic, democracy has nothing to do with Western democracy, but is a matter of value."

Interior Minister emphasized that President Ebrahim Raisi's administration prioritizes justice in the development of the country.

Progress in various fields basically requires a social body that includes people who believe in Iran's progress, which requires self-confidence and distrust of the enemy, bordering on the United States.

The Iranian minister noted that there is no benefit in depending on the West, which is itself in a declining state.


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