“Hopes that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would be a reformer who could heal the region have come to nothing, with even his father, King Salman, showing signs of doubt in his ability to lead the country.

Iran Press/Middle East- “First came the hype, with millions spread around like muck by western PR companies and lobbyists to trumpet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s world tour last March. He was the coming Saudi strongman, at the age of 32, portraying himself as a moderate reformer.”

However, six months on, the realities of his soaring ascent look more uncertain, with even his father, King Salman, beginning to show signs of doubt, as protests to Bin Salman and the ruling Royal family grow in  eastern Saudi Arabia.

Many analysts are saying the media campaign launched to highlight bin Salman’s alleged economic reforms does not match the facts.

For example,  the Saudi war on Yemen costs $5-6 billion, with the Saudis being caught in a quagmire for ore than three years now.

Another abject failure for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been his attempt to impose isolation on Qatar. This resulted in the destruction of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC ) in favour of the duo, Saudi Arabia and  United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The slogan of modernization raised by bin Salman has almost faded away in light of the ongoing oppression against the Shia Muslims in the east of the country.

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