El Salvador’s National Assembly in an early morning session on Sunday approved a state of emergency request made by its President to tame a wave of gang-related killings over the weekend.

Iran Press/America: Gang violence has soared in El Salvador, with police reporting that 62 people were killed on Saturday alone.

The decree, which grants the government special powers by loosening arrest rules for as long as 30 days, follows a spike in gang violence that claimed 62 lives on Saturday alone, the Assembly said in a statement on its website.

Article 29 of the Constitution allows for a state of emergency “in cases of war, territorial invasion, rebellion, sedition, catastrophe, epidemic or other general calamity or in case of grave disturbances to public order,” the Assembly said.   

The constitutional rights of assembly and communication are temporarily suspended to allow law enforcement and the military to secure national territory, the Assembly said. 219