Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation said that Keeping in mind the sanctions imposed against Russia, the Iranian firms have a good opportunity for broader presence in that country.

Iran PressEurope: Ambassador Kazem Jalali, speaking in a video conference with the governor-general of East Azarbaijan province Abedin Khorram, pointed to the superior and unique position of East Azarbaijan in the country and its pivotal role in foreign relations, asking for the province's merchants and business leaders in the Russian markets.

Jalali was referring to President Ebrahim Raisi’s diplomacy of expanding relations with the neighboring countries.


He said that Russia's imports in the year 2021 were around 300 billion dollars, adding that the major part of Russia’s needed products are provided through imports and Iran’s share of this huge market is not appropriate with the capacities of our country.

“Last year, the trade volume of our country with Russia reached its highest level, which was 4 billion dollars, and now we need to increase that volume drastically,” he said.

For his part, the governor-general of East Azerbaijan referred to the long-term perspective for the ideal strategic ties between Iran and Russia, saying, "The East Azarbaijan province can play a decisive role in materializing that objective and the historical necessity can play an important role in this respect."

Khorram referred to the opportunities for making joint investments, arguing that identifying the products that can be exported to Russia and those that can be imported from that county can facilitate and speed up the presence of the Iranian firms in the vast Russian markets and allocate a large share for Iran in that market under the current conditions.