Commentary (IP) - Under the pretext of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, the Europeans extended the scope of their sanctions on Russia beyond the unprecedented economic and banking boycott.

Iran PressCommentary:  After a long period of speculation about tensions between Russia and Ukraine, on the morning of Thursday (February 24), Russian troops began their military operations on Ukrainian territory and have advanced in various parts of the country.

The Chief of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, declared the ban on the Russian news media Sputnik and Russia Today in the European Union. She reported the closure of the EU's aerial zone to the Russian flights. 

FIFA banned the Russian flag and anthem in international matches and declared that no international competitions would be held in Russia until further notice. The Russia match must be played on neutral ground, under the flag of the Russian Federation Union (RFU). 

The measures taken by the EU and FIFA against Russia are against the European slogans in support of freedom of expression and the media and FIFA's emphasis on the non-political nature of football.

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Brussels aims to ban RT and Sputnik to prevent Moscow's news, reports, and analysis of the war in Ukraine from being published to raise awareness among Europeans.

It seems that the European Union, along with the United States, seeks to present an aggressive and war-mongering image of Russia to justify sanctions against Moscow while at the same time blaming Russia for the current situation by creating media propaganda.

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George Galloway, a former British politician, and media activist believes that the people in the West can set up free-to-air porn television channels with complete freedom, but they do not allow the media to cover the dark areas of liberalism and capitalism, limiting them by enforcing strict laws.

Furthermore, banning the Russian flag and anthem reveals that the West's claim about not politicizing football was nothing more than a European lie. 

What was said above indicates the double standards of the West and its affiliated institutions towards issues such as terrorism, freedom of expression, military attacks, and human rights? 

Whenever it comes to their interests, the Westerners take action regardless of the international laws, yet, whenever the rival countries do anything incompatible with their interests, the very Westerners launch an all-out campaign against them, resorting to any tool from economic sanctions to media and sports sanctions.


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