Tehran (IP)- Head of Iran's IRIB says Iran and Qatar have very successful facilities and experiences in media, especially in the field of radio and television.

Iran PressIran news: Peyman Jebelli referred on Wednesday to the interaction, cooperation, and synergy feasible between the two countries in radio and television cooperation and said that in different periods, many efforts and practical collaboration had taken place to expand the cooperation.

President Raisi's visit to Qatar put this cooperation on the fast track and expanded it, Jebelli added.

"At our national radio and television organization, our policy will be to expand and interact with the other media primarily with neighboring countries, including in the field of Persian-speaking civilization, countries in the region, and finally all countries of the world," Jebelli added.

He said Iran and Qatar would cooperate in content exchange, facilities related to educational cooperation, if necessary, news exchange, infrastructure, and technical facilities.

Iran's IRIB Chief said that although all satellites are closed to the Islamic Republic of Iran, terrestrial signal delivery will continue in more than 98% of high-quality terrestrial soil.

 Peyman Jebli said: These projects are clear examples of neutralizing sanctions and lessening their impact.

He said: "In addition to signal security and technical independence that the national media enjoys, this is an example of national self-confidence because all its operations have been achieved with internal power and knowledge."

The unveiling of the international transit capacity roadmap for turning Iran into a data transit center in the region and the exchange of contracts for the development and transfer of 20 terabyte transmission network stability using domestic production capacity are two national projects that have gotten operational.

The national network of radio and television signaling to all parts of the country is another plan that was unveiled. 


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