Sudan (IP) - Sudanese citizens in Khartoum and other cities once again stage a demonstration against the military coup in their country.

Iran PressAfrica: Since October 2021, the people have been on the streets following the military coup in Sudan. Despite the violent crackdown on protesters by the army, they are resisting and taking to the streets until their demands are met.

The Sudanese people oppose the presence of the military in power, and almost every day in the streets, emphasizing the withdrawal of the army from power calling for a democratic government in their country.

Sudanese army fires sonic bombs and tear-gas at demonstrators to disperse protesters in the northern city of Khartoum on Monday evening, injuring several.

Sudanese youths took part in the demonstrations, carrying banners opposing the presence of the military in power and clashes with the Sudanese army.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was forced to resign as protests continued, but the people taking part in the streets called the military to leave power.


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