Nigeria (IP) – The Union of Nigeria Universities' Academic Staff embarked on a one-month warning strike, a decision that led to the shutdown of whole Universities in the West African country.

Iran PressAfrica: The State Chairman of the "Union of Academic Staff of Universities" (ASUU) of Nigeria, Professor Ibrahim Ibrahim Inuwa, told Iran Press immediately after their final meeting that it was the insensitivity of the Nigerian Government that resulted in the shutdown of the universities in the country.

He said: "We don't have enough classrooms; the existing facilities need renovation. Some are strange. We don't have equipment in our laboratories, we don't have enough laboratories, we don't have up-to-date modern equipment that is needed in a contemporary university system."

Among the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities is the issue of their welfare.

Some students also react to how the strike affects their education.

Emanuel George is a student of Applied Geology at ATBU University in Nigeria. He said the Academic Staff Union Universities are trying to see they gave the students in Nigeria what they deserve, but the Federal Government is are not ready to help in the matter.

The Federal Government, none of their children are studying in Nigeria.

Another female student, Muneera Musa, appealed to the Government to settle.

Abey Simon is in his final year of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Abuja. He told Iran Press that despite his being a final year student, it does not mean he will graduate this year due to a strike in Nigerian universities. He also begs the Government to settle the problems to continue their studies.

Students on Wednesday were seen fleeing universities to their various hometowns and villages.


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Nigeria Universities in shutdown due to warning strike
Nigeria Universities in shutdown due to warning strike
Nigeria Universities in shutdown due to warning strike