Tehran (IP) - The development of drones, especially suicide drones and low-altitude cruise missiles, has made low-altitude air threats essential and a significant challenge for radar and defense systems.

Iran Press/Iran news: "Zoubin" missile defense system is Iran's latest short-range and low-altitude defense system.

The Zoubin short-range missile system, with its high tactical capability and mobility and 360-degree defense capability, can detect 100 targets and engage eight targets simultaneously using its vertical launch missiles.

Zoubin defense system is installed on a trailer and therefore has high mobility.

The harpoon control room is also installed below it and has a superior feature in terms of operation compared to similar models.

Zoubin radar has a range of 30 km for low and medium radar cross-section targets, and the range of engagement of this system with the targets is 20 km.

The Zoubin short-range system is designed and manufactured to deal with threats such as cruise missiles, suicide drones, other types of surveillance and combat drones, low-altitude combat fighters, and long-range ammunition.

In the published images of this defense system, there are four vertical box-shaped launchers. Given that the Zoubin system can counter eight targets, the number of missiles in this system is the same.

Vertical missile technology is a knowledge that Iranian experts have designed and implemented in this system after the "Bavar 373" long-range defense system.

The Navab system, which is the marine type of the Zubin system and is to be installed in Iranian destroyers, uses the same launch method.

This would mean placing many anti-aircraft missiles on a warship, depending on their launcher is mounted vertically. 

Given the size of the launchers of the "Zoubin" defense system, it is clear that they were designed and built for launching small missiles. These small launcher systems have made it possible to transport and launch them by tactical vehicles, medium trailers, and small vessels in recent years.


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