Iran's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, stressed that serious efforts are needed to lift unilateral sanctions against Syria.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press, Zahra Ershadi, at a Security Council meeting on humanitarian situation in Syria on Thursday evening, added that unilateral sanctions against Syria have prolonged the suffering of the people and it has negatively affected the efforts of humanitarian agencies in helping the people of this country.

Referring to the recent meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey in Astana, the senior Iranian diplomat said that at the meeting, member states, as guarantors, called for the improvement of the humanitarian situation in Syria and called on the international community, the UN and humanitarian agencies to Increase their aid to the Syrian people.

At this meeting, the Iranian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations reiterated the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and stated that this can be done only by ending the occupation of Syria, stopping the Israeli regime's aggression against Syria as well as the terrorist threats and the complete lifting of illegal and inhumane sanctions against the Syrian people.

Referring to the relatively calm situation in Syria, Ershadi said: "This has made it possible for more refugees to return to Syria, as well as accelerating reconstruction efforts."

She emphasized the need to focus on the rapid implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2585, especially on water, health, education and infrastructure projects.

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Iran's ambassador to the United Nations said such activities were key to "preventing further increase in the number of people in need, as well as reducing urgent humanitarian needs" and "reducing dependence on foreign aid".

Ershadi said that serious efforts are needed to lift the unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria. These illegal actions have prolonged the suffering of the people and negatively affected the work of humanitarian agencies in helping the people in Syria.

"Given the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, where, according to UN reports, 'significant parts of the Syrian civilian infrastructure have been destroyed or are collapsing', the Security Council must work hard to fully implement it the Security Council must work diligently to ensure the full, balanced and effective implementation of UNSCR 2585," she said.

Iran's Deputy Representative to the United Nations stressed: "We must ensure that the aid that has entered Syria through cross-border operations reaches the needy people and does not fall into the hands of terrorist groups."

"We want to facilitate the safe and voluntary return of Syrian refugees, and at the same time warn against attempts to dissuade them from returning home, including by publishing false information about the current situation in Syria," Ershadi said.


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