Tehran (IP)- Assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister and Director-General of West Asia at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the unprofessional act of Afghan border guards due to their lack of recognition on border issues by Taliban forces.

Iran PressIran news: Rasoul Mousavi wrote on Twitter: "According to reports, there have been clashes between Iranian, Pakistani and Turkmen border guards on the one hand and Taliban border guards on the other, which are rooted in the unprofessionalism of Afghan border guards and the lack of recognition of border issues by Taliban forces."

On Monday, Taliban forces had gone to the Khamyab district of Jowzjan province to monitor the situation, but they faced clashes with Turkmen border guards.

Taliban forces fired on Turkmen border guards in response to a shooting by Turkmen border guards.

This is the Taliban's third border clash with neighboring countries in a month.

Earlier, they had clashes with Iran and Pakistan forces.


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