Tehran (IP) - Today, which is (Thursday), December 30, coincides with the anniversary of the strong presence of the brave people of Iran in the rallies on December 30, 2009, which is a turning point in the history of the revolution and another golden leaf in the honors of the people of Islamic Iran.

Iran PressIran news: The epic of 9th of Dey (December 30th) is a symbol of dignity, independence, and insight of the people who have stood up to death to preserve the principles of Islam and the ideals of the revolution, and loudly declared that if the enemy stands against their religion, they will stand against the whole world.

The ninth of Dey in the history of the Islamic Revolution, called the Day of "Insight", became the day of God and will last forever. On this lasting and historic day, the nation created another epic and disappointed the enemies of God and religion, and made the heart of Imam Zaman (12th Shia Imam) (as) and his rightful successor Ayatollah Khamenei happy.

It can be said that the 9th Dey is the day of the victory of the divine soldiers over the soldiers of Satan. The day of the uprising of the Iranian nation and revealing the holy anger against the insults and desecrations of some negligent and mercenary foreigners towards the holy sanctities on the day of Ashura of Hosseini (AS).

On this day, the Iranian people fired arrows at the ring leaders of the sedition and rubbed the back of enemies on the ground. On December 30, 2009, the political legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran was once again announced to the world with the spontaneous presence of tens of millions of people in Tehran and other cities of Islamic Iran.

December 30, 2009, was a reminder of the march of millions of Iranians to acquit the disruptors of society and decisive response to the sedition elements who had taken the wrong path under the pretext of so-called fraud in the tenth round of the Iranian presidential election.


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