Tehran(IP): The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said that sanctions must be lifted, and after that, Iran will fulfill its obligations within the existing framework.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Eslami went on to stress: "Sanctions must be lifted and we will fulfill our obligations within the existing framework."

Eslami, during his visit to the 22nd Exhibition of Research, Technology, and Techno market  Achievements, told reporters referring to Iran's recent negotiations with the International Atomic Energy Agency:

We set and carry out the current rules and regulations of our activities. We plan for the issues raised, and there are exchanges, and we decide on its actions.

According to him, during the recent visit of Rafael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to Iran, talks on the Karaj site and the remaining issues were incomplete. It was necessary to continue these talks to continue monitoring programs so that Iran could reach a common understanding for joint action.

He also said about the issue of agency cameras on the Karaj site, saying: "To help the judicial and security process that has occurred for the Karaj site, we decided that the agency inspector will bring a new camera and this camera will answer its technical questions in the presence of our security and judicial officials. Until the investigation of the case is completed, what factors were involved in that terrorist incident is determined. After that, they can reinstall the cameras on the site.

 Sanctions must be lifted

Regarding the continuation of talks with the IAEA, Eslami said: "More importantly, there are issues that we are trying to address together before the end of the year, talks and exchanges of information to end the remaining issues and prevent the malicious elements of this nation and the Zionists who regularly are trying to inflame the IAEA with psychological operations and lies because it does not know about Iran's activities and we do not use the enemy as an excuse so that our negotiating team, which aims to lift the sanctions, will reach a conclusion faster. We will continue our effective efforts to ensure that no one makes excuses or justifies that sanctions should continue."

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization stressed the importance of the organization's peaceful activities in the people's lives: "The important point is that nuclear technology has important and far-reaching effects in the fields of medicine, health, agricultural environment, and various industries." The role and capacity of nuclear technology are evident throughout the industry. Nuclear technology is present in all non-destructive measurement and testing systems used in various industries.


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