Tehran (IP)- Iran's Interior Minister stressed that the Islamic urban construction and management model must be applied in city construction.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking in the 13th Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management and the 8th Festival of Research on the Development of Education in Urban and Rural Management, Ahmad Vahidi said: " No change happens without real research." 

Vahidi stated that research in anthropology and sociology must be done for new action. Using research is a necessity; otherwise, we will face challenges.

Vahidi said: we must do the best of our ability for the welfare of the citizens.

"If the needs of the citizens were not met, they felt unsafe and insecure," the interior minister added.

Vahidi added: "We must be able to build a city with an Iranian-Islamic identity. If the city contradicts the values of the people, it will become problematic."

"The urban economy must solve people's problems, otherwise it will not work," he noted. 


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