Tehran (IP) - Iran's parliament speaker urged for transparency in all administration parts, saying that those matters that affect people's lives and are directly related to society should be transparent.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf made the remarks on Monday at the 7th National Congress of Student Basij, congratulating the Basij week. 

He said: "During the holy defense, most martyrs were students. One of my honors is that I went to the battlefront when I was in high school." 

Referring to the student education period while addressing the students, he said: "This period of your life is the most beautiful, sensitive and effective moment that will play a role in your future. Never forget these moments." 

He added: "The country's progress is based on building capacity and paving the way for turning potential talents into practice. Our capital is not the money but our youth and human resources." 

He continued: "Economic problems and disorders that everyone suffers from are not due to lack of facilities and money, but the existence of weakness in the field of management and administration." 

Regarding the issue of transparency in the lawmakers' votes, the speaker said: "Before entering the parliament, one of the most important things I emphasized was the issue of transparency, and I am committed to implementing it. Of course, this transparency is not only for the parliament but also in all areas. But the parliament must take the first step first so that others can take the next steps." 

He continued: "Of course, there are some misunderstandings about transparency. Some say that everything should be transparent, but experience shows that such transparency is not possible, and in some cases, the issues of documents and negotiations need to be confidential. Matters that affect people's lives and is in direct contact with the society should be transparent and the people should be informed. I am sure that, God willing, transparency will be implemeted and we consider it our duty."


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