Kabul (IP) - The new special envoy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan arrived in Kabul to hold talks with Taliban government officials and stressed the formation of a powerful government in Afghanistan.

Iran PressAsia: Hassan Kazemi-Ghomi, Iran's special envoy to Afghanistan, arrived at Kabul airport on Monday morning and was welcomed by Taliban officials. He was accompanied by a political and economic delegation. 

Arriving in Kabul, Kazemi told reporters that Iran has always been a supporter of the Afghan people, just as Iran was a supporter of the Afghan people during the occupation of Afghanistan.

Stating that today Afghanistan is in the hands of its people, Kazemi-Ghomi expressed hope that a powerful government would be formed in Afghanistan, and that it would be approved and demanded by all the people.

"Thanks to a strong government in Afghanistan, Kabul and Tehran can help each other, with the cooperation of the regional and neighboring countries, to form a strong, stable and developed Afghanistan," Kazemi said.

Iran's special envoy to Afghanistan also noted that Afghanistan is a country of jihad and martyrdom, and for the past 20 years the country has been occupied by American forces, and the struggle and resistance of Afghans has driven the occupiers out of Afghanistan.

Kazemi-Ghomi emphasized that Afghanistan has been destroyed by the aggressors and is going to be built and developed by the Afghan people in the new era of this country.

Kazemi-Ghomi noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan are two neighboring countries, brothers and Muslims, and have a long history of bilateral relations.


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