IP- Coinciding with the announcement of the state of emergency in Baghdad, security forces were deployed in the Iraqi capital on Sunday night, and calm was restored in the city.

Iran PressMiddle East: The video sent by the IranPress reporter shows that after the declaration of a state of emergency in Baghdad, the streets of the Iraqi capital were quiet on Monday, and people were busy with their daily activities.

In the past, the streets around and near the Green Zone of Baghdad were a place for protests against the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections, and in some cases, these rallies led to violence.

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Iraqi police, anti-election protesters clash in Baghdad.

Iraq has just held a parliamentary vote that sent shock waves across the West Asia region and caused some Iraqi political groups unease. These groups, including the Fatah Alliance, which is seen as the political wing of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), protested the election results, asserting that there was a massive voter fraud that led to the political marginalization of Iraqi Resistance groups within the PMF. 

Over the past few days, proponents of the groups staged street protests in Baghdad that descended into violence. While Iraqi political factions were grappling with disputes arising from the election, al-Kadhimi’s residence came under an attack that could further complicate the political situation.  

The attack, therefore, would serve as a litmus test for Iraqi politicians in terms of overcoming selfishness and showing unity at a time when the country needs cohesion and oneness most. One way to strengthen unity is to form a government that would include all significant factions and exclude none.


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Iraqi police, anti-election protesters clash in Baghdad

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