Secretary-General of the Iranian Red Crescent Society said in an interview with Iran Press: "The people of Afghanistan are in dire need of food in the current situation and therefore this 50-ton shipment is to be delivered to the Afghan Red Crescent Society in Kabul."

Iran PressIran news: َAccording to Mohammad-Hassan Qousian-Moghaddam, this shipment includes sugar, oil, and rice.

Hassan Esfandiar, Director General of Operations and Humanitarian Programs of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, also said: "Two more shipments of food are to be sent to Afghanistan in the coming weeks."

Iran has already sent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in several stages, including dozens of tons of food and medicine. With the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stressed that it remains with the Afghan people and will not withhold any assistance in forming an inclusive government in Afghanistan.


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