Tehran(IP) - Iran’s health minister said that more than 8 million and 200 hundred thousand dozes of COVID-19 vaccines were injected into people in one week.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a meeting with Yahya Rahim Savafi, the advisor of the leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of the "Holy Defense Week", Bahram Einollahi said that despite the enemies’ propaganda, Iran managed to speed up Covid-19 vaccination and received vaccines from various sources.

Einollahi added that this great success could not be achieved unless people from various groups cooperated with the health ministry.

Referring to the Holy Defense as a great achievement, he said that vaccination of people was a great job which was gained through Basij and the army’s restless cooperation.

Einollahi went on to say, "Today there are lots of problems in the health sector and forming a health Jihadi basis is essential."

He referred to the fact that improving hygiene among citizens is more important than treatment and said that this fact was proved in the Coronavirus pandemic.

"The Holy Defense was a successful experience that can guide us to take the next steps," Iran’s health minister concluded.

For his part, Yahya Rahim Safavi emphasized the necessity of taking care of people’s health as one of the most important duties of the government’s officials.

He suggested the health minister form a "Jihadi health base" by volunteers from medical universities across Iran and general physicians from the Basij organization.

"The main focus of this health base should be improving the health situation in villages and small cities," he added.