Tehran (IP): Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari stated that Iran jumped 7 places in the global innovation index 2021.

Iran Press/Iran news: The World Intellectual Property Organization has published the Global Innovation Index 2021 report. In this report, 132 countries are evaluated in a balanced framework.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, with a rank of 60 in 2021, improved its position by 7 compared to 2020 and is at its highest place in this index so far.

Iran also ranked second among 10 countries in the Central and South Asian region.

Among the sub-indices, the best ranks of Iran are related to "brand" (in the pillar of creative outputs), "science and engineering graduates" (in the pillar of human capital and research), and "industrial design" (in the pillar of creative outputs).

The 2021 edition of the Global Innovation Index presents the latest global innovation ranking of 132 economies, relying on 81 different indicators. While tracking the most recent global innovation trends in the new Global Innovation Tracker, this edition also focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on innovation.