Tehran (IP) - The member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iran's parliament said the US intervention in Afghanistan in the past two decades had plunged the country into a crisis, so the United States should be held accountable by the international community.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an interview with Iran Press on Sunday, MP, Fada-Hussein Maleki stated that neighboring countries should not keep silent over US bullying.

Referring to Afghanistan's insecurity due to US withdrawal, Fada-Hussein Maleki added that the US had not supported the Afghan government and left the Afghan people alone.

Emphasizing the Islamic Republic of Iran's readiness to resolve the crisis in Afghanistan, he added that the Afghans, their government, and the Taliban must decide for their own country through negotiations.

Stressing the need to establish border security between Iran and Afghanistan, the MP said that long before the Afghan crisis, Iran's Army and IRGC forces had been stationed on the two countries' borders, so there have been no security border problems.

The member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the parliament emphasized that the Ministry of Interior and other organizations will hold meetings to monitor the issues of Afghan refugees.


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