General GholamReza Jalali, the head of the Passive Defense Organization of Iran, has stressed that making use of intelligent and smart systems is absolutely necessary , and wherever possible, we ought to make use of this technology.

According to Iran Press, speaking at The National Conference on Challenges Facing Intelligent and Smart Systems, on Sunday, General GholamReza Jalali emphasized that intelligent and smart systems have had a real impact on our lives, creating valuable opportunities for humanity.

Jalali referred to intelligent and smart homes, smart cities, use of intelligent and smart systems in healthcare and medicine, as just some of the examples where this technology has been of use.

Jalali also talked about the importance of having the correct infrastructure in place to benefit from an intelligent and smart cities.

Turning to various threats and challenges in this field, General GholamReza Jalali emphasized that according to artificial intelligence experts, any intelligent system which can be controlled from 'a long way away'  has the potential of being taken over or controlled by the enemy.  Thus in remote control intelligent systems we should  all be aware that the enemy may be able to infiltrate and take over the control of our system -- thus this is a real danger and threat.