Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that preserving the Unity of Muslim Ummah is a dire need today.

Iran PressMiddle East: Iran's Foreign Minister made the remarks in Baghdad on Monday in a meeting with the head of Iraq’s Mashroo al-Arabi think tank.

He continued his meetings with the Iraqi political, religious and social personalities on Monday afternoon, including a meeting with the head of Iraq’s Mashroo al-Arabi think-tank, Khamis Khanjar, as well as a number of the Sunni parliament members and prominent Sunni personalities.In the meeting Zarif denounced sectarianism and the need for preserving unity throughout the Islamic world and among various Islamic sects and religions.

Zarif meanwhile referred to the grand status of the Holy Quds in the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian nation’s steadfast resistance aide by side with the world Muslims with different viewpoints, in defense of the Palestinian nation and ideals, as well as the Holy Quds, despite the entire imposed pressure against them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s behaviors are regulated on the basis of partnership with its friends, added the Iranian top diplomat.

He emphasized the need for the existence of a logical and reasonable relation among the various Iraqi tribes, arguing: Iran respects the diversity of the Iraqi nation’s political tendencies and religious differences.

In this meeting in addition to Khamis Khanjar, the head of the Iraqi Mashroo al-Arabi think-tank, there were some prominent members of that body, some of whom elaborated in detail their viewpoints on ongoing developments in Iraq.