Tehran (IP) - The Biden administration has only shown a commitment to Trump’s maximum pressure towards Tehran, Iran's foreign minister says.

Iran PressIran News: "Iran’s 'seriousness of purpose' in pursuing diplomacy was tested in the three years since Trump withdrew from the nuclear accord. Iran—by remaining in the deal—passed with flying colors," Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.

"The Biden administration, however, has only shown a commitment to Trump’s maximum pressure," Zarif said.

The future of the JCPOA has been in doubt since May 2018, when former US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of the agreement and imposed the “toughest ever” sanctions on Iran as part of his so-called “maximum pressure,” which tried in vain to force Iran back to the negotiating table for talks on a “better deal.”

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly spoken of a willingness to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, but, in practice, he has so far been sticking with Trump’s futile pressure campaign.

Washington says Tehran should return to full compliance with the deal before the US comes back.

Iran, however, maintains that Washington should first lift all the sanctions put in place under the Trump administration before the Islamic Republic returns to full compliance.


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